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Quality Control & Integration is proud to present the model 1500ct pump controller...

Feature Summary

  • Large 5.7 inch Touchscreen Color LCD Display
  • Pump Control
  • Historical Trend Data
  • Alarm/Event Log
  • Dynamic I/O
  • Communicates with virtually all PLCs/SCADA Systems
  • VFD Control
  • Security; multi-level
  • Communication Protocols
    • MODBUS
    • Remote Access Utilities
    • Ethernet via TCP/IP
    • GPRS/GSM/SMS Support
    • DF1
    • OPC Server/DDE Server

1500ct Pump Controller

Main Menu Screen



  • Telemetry Ready - with the addition of a radio, cellular modem, or leased phone line, the 1500ct allows you to monitor station status, change pump starts and stop set points, acknowledge alarms, and view pump run, fail, and performance information remotely.
  • The 1500ct is an "open" control platform supporting industry standard communication protocols like Modbus and DF1.  This open protocol approach allows the 1500ct to be readily integrated into most new or existing SCADA systems.  Two serial communication ports allow for redundant telementry networks.
  • Versatile - The 1500ct can be used to control and monitor up to three constant and/or variable speed pumps in either pump up or pump down mode.  This versatility makes the 1500ct able to control even difficult pump applications like pressure/flow controlled booster stations.
  • Cellular Remote Control - enables operator to recieve controller status and acknowledge alarms via cellular text messaging.

1500ct Home Screen